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Python, Fortran, C++


Linux, Amazon web services, Github, Gitlab and Bitbucket

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Twitter sentiment analysis of Automotive Brands

How is twitter sentiment data of automotive companies like Tesla, Mercedes, Porsche, Ford and Toyota related to their stock returns?

In this proof-of-concept consulting project for ApiThinking, I constructed the framework required to build the sentiment analysis models, the twitter data collector server aswell as the machinery required to carry out the Bayesian analysis of data to investigate possible correlations with uncertainty bounds.

Python, Pandas, AWS, sklearn, SQLite

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Time series with neural networks

Can a neural network be used to forecast time series?

In this project I constructed and optimized various single layer neural networks to forecast time series data and compared against ARIMA benchmarks. This was my capstone project for the Udacity Machine Learning Engineer nanodegree and was one of five selected out of a cohort of >400 peers for peer presentation.

Python, Pandas, Keras, sklearn

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